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Press release

VII All-Russian practical conference-seminar “State and Municipal Procurement - 2012”

(November 1-2, 2012, Moscow)

On November 1-2, 2012 Public Procurement Institute held the VII All-Russian practical conference-seminar “State and Municipal procurement – 2012”.

The conference gathered more than 300 participants including the representatives of state and municipal customers, bodies authorized for order placement as well as the representatives of supervising authorities and specialized organizations. Numerous specialists from distant regions participated in the conference virtually via 6 teleconferences installed with the help of Internet.

Agenda of the conference embodied 35 reports on different subjects connected with order placement for state and municipal needs as well as with application of Federal law No. 223-FZ. The paramount topic of the conference was the process of transition to the Federal contract system (FCS), elements of FCS and ways of implementation thereof. Besides, much attention was paid to recent changes of the legislation on public procurement.

A special interest was evoked by reports of the representatives of federal executive bodies – the deputy chief of the Federal antimonopoly services A.Y. Tsarikovskiy, the director of Department on development of the federal contract system of Economic development ministry K.I. Stepanov, the head of inspection of comprehensive control and audit of procurement of goods, works and services for state and public needs of the Chamber of Accounts of the Russian Federation O.V. Anchishkina, the head of department of web-portals maintenance of the Interregional operational administration of the Federal Treasury M.A. Gorbunov.

Meeting of authorized supervisory bodies in the sphere of order placement was held on the second day of the conference. The meeting hosted by A.Y. Lobov, head of Administration of control over the order placement of the Federal antimonopoly service of Russia, embodied examination of relevant questions of procurement control and court practice.

Section “Relevant questions of application of Federal law No. 223-FZ” was hosted V.V. Soloviev, head of Administration of control over housing and communal services, construction and natural resources of the Federal antimonopoly service.

Plenary sessions hosted by the director of Public Procurement Institute A.A. Khramkin welcomed such participants as the deputy Minister of development of consumers’ market and public procurement of the Ministry of economic development, industrial politics and trade of the Orenburg region V.I. Bashirov, the head of State order administration of the Amur region N.A. Abramova, the head of Public procurement administration of Economic development ministry of the Rostov region N.N. Zhuchkova, the Public procurement committee chairman of the Tula region O.P. Gremyakova, the acting director of the Macroeconomic studies Institute of Economic development Ministry of Russia V.I. Smirnov and others. Participants of the conference incited engaging debate by actively questioning the reporters.

A set of reports were prepared by the experts of Public Procurement Institute – O.M. Vorobieva, A.V. Ermakova, A.N. Evstashenkov, V.V. Kosheleva, Y.A. Shavilina, O.A. Litvinova, I.A. Surgutskaya, A.A. Fedorov.

Throughout 7 years All-Russian practical conference-seminar “State and municipal procurement” grew into a significant annual event for specialists in the sphere of procurement in the Russian Federation.

All reports of the conference are included into the reports’ collection published in 1000 copies (Publishing house “Jurisprudence”).