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Collection of papers

IV All-Russian practical conference-seminar “State and Municipal Procurement 2009”

(October 27 - 28, 2009, Moscow)

Collection of papers IV All-russian practical conference-seminar «State and municipal procurement - 2009» - Moscow, Jurisprudence PH, 2010. – 416 с. - ISBN 978-5-9516-0453-8

Сборник включает в себя доклады, научно-исследовательские и методические материалы участников IV Всероссийской практической конференции-семинара «Государственные и муниципальные закупки – 2009», проходившего в Российской академии государственной службы при Президенте Российской Федерации 27-28 октября 2009 года.

Сборник обобщает результаты последних научных, методических и практических наработок. Он предназначен, в первую очередь, для специалистов-практиков, но особую значимость представляет для научных и педагогических работников, занимающихся проблематикой размещения государственного и муниципального заказа в Российской Федерации.

1. I.Y. Artemyev, A.A. Khramkin “Review of main changes in Federal Law No.94-FZ in 2009”

2. O.M. Vorobyova “Efficiency analysis of functioning of order placement system in the Russian Federation”

3. O.M. Vorobyova “Order placement at small business subjects: current problems and their solutions”

4. O.M. Vorobyova, V.V. Kosheleva “Legal status and problems of specialized organization attraction in course of state and municipal order placement”

5. A.A. Gladkov “Do they promote investments by procurement? (review of foreign experience in investment state promotion)”

6. A.N. Evstashenkov “Holding of open auctions in electronic form in relation to latest amendments of legislation”

7. A.N. Evstashenkov “Peculiarities of order placement in building: self-regulation instead of licensing”

8. A.N. Evstashenkov “Specificity of procurement of medical equipment and health resort services”

9. A.V. Ermakova “Peculiarities of order placement for pharmaceuticals”

10. P.N. Kornilov “Establishment of preferences for native goods in the sphere of state procurement”

11. P.N. Kornilov “Bidding on leasing premises: legal claim for competition protection”

12. V.V. Kosheleva “Bidding documentation: practical issues of forming, optimization techniques, typical breaches”

13. K.V. Kuznetsov “Order placement efficiency’ myths and reality”

14. O.K. Lisovenko “Definition of notions “architectural project” and “planning documentation”

15. O. N. Manolova “Competency building approach to development of auctioneer job description”

16. N.V. Nesterovich “Partial deliveries in state procurement system: role and prospects”

17. K.A. Perov “Problems of open auctions according to Law No.94-FZ which can result in ineffective budgeting”

18. V.I. Smirnov “Paradoxes of goal-setting, or why public procurement should escape auctions”

19. A.A. Khramkin “Review of legislation on corruption therapy in state procurement system in Russia”

20. A.A. Khramkin “State contracts insurance for corruption therapy”

21. A.A. Khramkin “International experience of forming state procurement system”

22. A.A. Khramkin, P.N. Kornilov “State procurement innovations: evaluation of bids on participation in tender”

23. R.V. Khruschev “Purchases: from accounting-auditor control of budgeting efficiency to statistical control of purchased goods’ quality”

24. Y.A. Shavylina “One-sided rescission of a state contract and refusal to perform the contract – civil regulation, judicial practice and consequences of application the Law No.94-FZ”

25. Y.A. Shavylina “Complicated cases of the Law No.94-FZ, typical mistakes: comparison of positions of Federal Antimonopoly Service, Economic Development Ministry of Russia and arbitration courts”