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X All-Russian practical conference-seminar “State and Municipal Procurement - 2015”

(October 29 - 30, 2015, Moscow)

Photo 1. Opening of the X All-Russian practical conference seminar "The Government and Municipal Procurements — 2015"

Photo 2. Speech of the director of Institute of government purchases A.A. Khramkin. 


Photo 3. 

Photo 4-5.

Photo 6-7. 

Photo 8-9. Speech of the secretary of state - the deputy head of FAS Russia A.Yu. Tsarikovsky. 

Photo 10.

Photo 11.

Photo 12.

Photo 13. Speech of the deputy head of department of control of placement of the state order of Federal Antimonopoly Service A.Yu. Lobov. 

Photo 14-15. Speech of the deputy director of Development department of contract system of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation A.A. Galkin. 

Photo 16-17.

Photo 18.

Photo 19.

Photo 20.


Photo 21-22. Speech of the deputy director of Institute of government purchases O.M. Vorobyova. 


Photo 23-24.


Photo 25.


Photo 26-27.

Photo 28-29. Speech of the senior lawyer of Expert advice center of Institute of government purchases I.A. Surgutskova.

Photo 30-31.


Photo 32-33.


Photo 34-35.


Photo 36. Speech of the senior legal advisor of Institute of government purchases O.K. Lisovenko. 

Photo 37. Speech of the vice-chairman of the State committee of the Republic of Karelia on management of the state property and the organizations of purchases - the head of department of the organization of purchases E.V. Ignatenkova. 


Photo 38-39. Speech of the adviser to the director of Institute of government purchases A.V. Ermakova.

Photo 40-42. Conferees. 

Photo 43. Conferees.


Photo 44. Distributing material of the conferee.