Public procurement institute Institute of public and regulated procurement, competition policy and anticorruption technologies


In September 2014 the Public Procurement Institute initiated the Professional Certification system in accordance with the Rosstandard standards (Rosstandard registration No. РОСС RU.И1247.04 ЖРЭ0 dated August 1, 2014). 

The system offers an independent verification and certification of the employees’ skills; quality of procurement processes, procedures and systems, and confirms their conformance to the legislation requirements (Federal Laws No. 44-FZ and No. 223-FZ). 

 The Institute acts as the central certification body of the new system.

Who and what can be certified?

  • Specialists working in procurement field; 

  • Specialized procurement organizations; 

  • Procurement organization systems and structures, such as a procurement system of an oblast, kray, republic or city; 

  • Procurement related information systems and products, such as electronic auction platforms; 

  • Procurement documentations (procurement guidelines, policies and procedures, bid documentation); 

  • Educational programmes, seminars, trainings and webinars; – Organizations that provide procurement related educational services (licenced institutions); 

  • Procurement training centres (those who offer training programs that do not require license); 

  • Business trainers who teach procurement related courses.

Certification area. Certificates to physical and legal entities can be issued in one of the following areas: 

  1. Purchases for the public (federal, regional and municipal) needs (Federal Law No. 44-FZ); 

  2. Purchases of goods, works and services by various types of legal entities (Federal Law No.223-FZ).

Quality Standards. When verifying any certification object, the Institute compares its/her activity with the approved Institute quality standards. E.g., for certification of procurement specialists, the Institute experts use the standard “Criteria of professional competency of specialists in procurement field” (The Public Procurement Institute Standard ИГЗ-КС-01.2014); for analysis of an electronic trade platform the “IT procurement system standard” is applied (The Public Procurement Institute Standard ИГЗ-ИС-01.2014). 

Certificates. All certificates issued by the Institute have unique numbers. The certificate register is published on and is available to all interested parties (although on request of the certified agency/person information about the certification may remain unpublished). All certificates have «B» level of printed product protection in accordance with the Ministry of Finance Order No. 14n dated February 7, 2013. 

Certification logo. Four certification logos are registered within the certification system, and physical and legal entities that have successfully passed certification receive the right to use them. The logo can be put on the web page, cover letters, printed and other materials. 

Certification award pin. Any certified procurement specialist can receive an award pin that confirms her/his conformance to the Institute standard “Criteria of professional competency of specialists in procurement field”.