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Public Procurement Institute


The Institute of Public and Regulated Procurement, Competition Policy and Anti-corruption Technologies (the Public Procurement Institute, the Institute) was founded in 1998. Since that time the Institute has worked as a research, educational and expert organization in the field of state and municipal procurement, corporate and other government regulated purchases, and has been part of public anti-corruption activity. 

The Institute is certified as a procurement educational center (Rosstandard Registration, Professional Certification № РОСС RU.И1247.04 ЖРЭ0 от 01.08.2014, № РОСС RU.И1281.04 ЖРЭ1 от 10.11.2014, № РОСС RU.И1281.04 ЖРЭ2 от 09.10.2015,№ РОСС RU.И1728.04 ЖРЭ2 от 27.07.2017). Since 1998 more than 70,000 professionals from federal, regional and municipal government bodies, private and public corporations have attended the Institute training courses. 

The Institute offers short-term seminars (starting from 8 hours); professional training (starting from 16 hours) and extensive professional retraining programs (starting from 360 hours), at the end of which participants receive either training certificates or diplomas on professional retraining. 

Public Procurement Institute advises on public and corporate procurement in Russia. We offer support to all participants of the procurement process: government-owned and private companies, and designated purchasing organizations. We are proud that our experts have developed a number of legislative acts on procurement for the biggest regions of Russia. See more>>>

About Procurement System in Russia

General information and legal regulation

Annually the amount of state order in the Russian Federation is about 13 trn rubles. This is nearly 1/5 of domestic demand. It includes state and municipal procurement, budgetary institutes and commercial organizations which belong to public sector of economy. 

The majority of purchases are realized in open form, so that any native or foreign legal entity can participate in purchases. 

Full information about procurement is available on Here you can find all information about planning and current purchases as well as advertisements of more than 200 000 customers (number is constantly increasing). Moreover, there is a contract register containing information about all earlier concluded contracts – their parties, prices and subjects. 

Actually procurement legal regulation is wide: dozens of legal regulatory acts (laws and subordinate acts) that are constantly changing. For this information see more>>>

Read general information about procurement system in Russia.

Experience of introducing and conducting electronic procurement in Russia - February, 2017 (report to download)

Experience of introducing and conducting electronic procurement in Russia - February, 2017 (pdf presentation to download)

Public procurement in Russia: recent changes and major trends - May, 2020