Public procurement institute Institute of public and regulated procurement, competition policy and anticorruption technologies

About the Public Procurement Institute

Andrey Aleksandrovich Khramkin, Rector 

The Institute of Public and Regulated Procurement, Competition Policy and Anti-corruption Technologies (the Public Procurement Institute, the Institute) was founded in 1998. Since that time the Institute has worked as a research, educational and expert organization in the field of state and municipal procurement, corporate and other government regulated purchases, and has been part of public anti-corruption activity. 

The Institute is certified as a procurement educational centre (Rosstandard Registration, Professional Certification № РОСС RU.И1247.04 ЖРЭ0 от 01.08.2014, № РОСС RU.И1281.04 ЖРЭ1 от 10.11.2014, № РОСС RU.И1281.04 ЖРЭ2 от 09.10.2015,№ РОСС RU.И1728.04 ЖРЭ2 от 27.07.2017). Since 1998 more than 70,000 professionals from federal, regional and municipal government bodies, private and public corporations have attended the Institute's trainings. 

The Institute offers short-term seminars (starting from 8 hours); professional training (starting from 16 hours) and extensive professional retraining programmes (starting from 360 hours), at the end of which participants receive either training certificates or diplomas on professional retraining. 

The Institute experts with multiple years of training and professional experience conduct training programmes. The trainers often use their own unique teaching methods and develop learning materials. Many of the Institute’s experts participate in the development of procurement legislation acts at the federal and regional level, take part in economic research, publish works on procurement-related issues, and have represented public clients and suppliers in courts as legal attorneys. 

All the seminars and training programmes are conducted not only in Moscow, but also in various regions and cities of the country. They are performed on commercial basis only; a two-side contract for educational services is signed between the Institute and a Client (a government body, a municipal agency, a private corporation, a non-profit organization, etc.). 

The Public Procurement Institute experts organize monthly meetings, consultations, and round-table sessions to discuss questions in the field of federal, regional, municipal purchases. 

Annually the Institute organizes all-Russian conferences-seminars related to public procurement issues, and invites speakers from various government agencies to take part in the discussions. 

  • The Public Procurement Institute conducts the following activities: 
  • Offers general consulting services on government regulated (public) purchases; 
  • Provides consulting and expert support of tenders and procurement contracts; 
  • Develops complete sets of procurement policies and procedures on request of government agencies and corporations; 
  • Serves as a central certification body in the system of procurement certification, performs certification of suppliers, procurement systems, processes and documentation.

In addition, the Institute offers the following services on the contractual basis: 

  • Expert evaluation and audits of performed competitive procedures (tenders, auctions, requests for price, requests for proposal); 
  • Organization and support of complicated purchases (two-stage tenders, restricted and closed tenders, auctions); 
  • Research and analytical work; 
  • Legal research on certain product categories’ sales, and their improvements through federal, regional and municipal purchases; 
  • Seminars on issues related to organization and implementation of purchases, including fundamental and practical aspects of procurement; 
  • Development of procurement policies and procedures, such as Procurement process regulations required by the Federal Law No. 44-FZ dated April 05, 2013 and procurement guidelines in accordance with the Federal Law 223-FZ dated July 18, 2011; procedures for tender committees, contract service guidelines, bid and auction documentation, directives, orders, business letters, minutes of meetings related to purchases, etc.