Public procurement institute Institute of public and regulated procurement, competition policy and anticorruption technologies

Educational Programmes

Public Procurement Institute is certified as a procurement educational centre. Since 1998 more than 70,000 professionals from federal, regional and municipal government bodies, private and public corporations have attended the Institute's trainings. 

The Institute offers short-term seminars (starting from 8 hours); professional training (starting from 16 hours) and extensive professional retraining programmes (starting from 360 hours), at the end of which participants receive either training certificates or diplomas on professional retraining. 

The Institute experts with multiple years of training and professional experience conduct training programs. Our trainers often use their own unique teaching methods and develop learning materials. Many of the Institute’s experts participate in the development of procurement legislation acts at the federal and regional level, take part in economic research, publish works on procurement-related issues, and have represented public clients and suppliers in courts as legal attorneys. 

Currently all training and educational programs are available only in Russian. For more details on the offered programs, schedules and prices please visit the Russian version of our site

Public Procurement Institute organizes short-term seminars in Moscow, and on-site workshops on the following topics:

  • “Contract system. Application of legislation in the public orders placement” 

  • “New requirements to the procurement process in unitary enterprises, autonomous institutions, public companies and corporations”. 

  • “Typical mistakes in electronic auctions”. 

  • “Tenders in public property leasing”. 

  • “Implementation of government contracts for purchase of health care services and medical products”. 

  • “Specifics of government contracts for constructions services and contract work. Auction practice”. 

  • “Placement of orders by customers (POL, cleaning, security, office facilities, maintenance work, etc.): preparation of technical specification and procurement procedure".