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General Information


The Public Procurement Institute regularly organizes internship programmes in Russia and abroad. The programmes focus on public procurement (federal. regional and municipal), purchasing processes in private corporations, as well as anti-corruption practices.

Internships are available to those who have attended the Institute's training and educational programmes. Other interested parties that meet requirements of a particular programme are also welcome to join.

The internships are aimed at acquisition of new skills, and improvement of existing competencies and overall professional level of the participants. The Institute programmes can be interesting and valuable for different categories of participants: public companies, supplier representatives, authorized purchasing and supervisory agencies, research and expert organizations in the procurement field.

More details about the past and planned internships can be found below.

We are happy to announce the upcoming internship programmes “Procurement contract system improvement: international experience”. The internships will take place in April 2019 (the USA) and in September 2019 (South Korea).

We invite all interested parties to participate in the internships. Please contact the Deputy Director of the Institute Irina Soloviova ( for more details.

  • Internship in the USA, September 2016. “Procurement contract system improvement: international experience” Press releasePhotoreport

  • Internship in the USA, November 2014. “Procurement contract system improvement: international experience” Press release, Photoreport

  • Internship in the USA, March – April 2014. “Procurement contract system improvement: international experience” Press release, Photoreport

  • Internship in the USA, April 2013. Participation in the 92nd annual conference of the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP) Press releasePhotoreport

  • A working visit to the USA, February 2013 Press release